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A Nurse’s Christmas

Then a strange thing happens you wake early on Christmas Day and head in to work and when you arrive on the ward it just seems different to every other day, there is something in the air, everything just seems a little different, a little happier and merrier perhaps, but certainly different, I’m sure it’s not just me that feels it!

The Mighty Medimeter

The reference card is designed to bring together a metric and imperial scale hence removing the need to carry a separate tape measure; a pupil gauge in millimetres from 2mm up to 9mm, again meaning a separate pupil gauge is not required.

Single Head Stethoscope: A Great First Choice Instrument

The binaural (the metal frame that provides the hold and spring for the ear pieces) is easily altered by simply applying light force to either close up the ear prices closer together or to separate them if a user with a larger haed is using the instrument.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Nurse’s Scissors

Many healthcare professional also own a pair of Lister bandage scissors which have angled blades at set at about 45o and also have a blunted lower tip. These two design innovations allow the scissors lower blunt ended blade to be inserted below a dressing and for the dressing to be then cut away from the patient via operation of the upper blade only. So a cutting action is generated without pressure on the patient and at the same time as another safety benefit the blunted blade cannot cause injury.

Do You Ever Lose Track of Your Nursing Scissors?

Well those days are over for me as I have bought a new nylon equipment pouch to keep my scissors and accessories to hand and safe. The pouch is made hardwearing nylon and is designed to carry nurses dressing scissors, pen torches, small 15cm A&E; shears, keys, coins and much more. The pouch, which is light blue in colour, is designed to fold over on itself to close and keep the contents safe and it has been sized to fit the standard tunic/scrubs pocket.

Have You Ever Dropped Your Sphygmomanometer? Well There's Hope!

Well I have discovered a solution to this age old problem the Coral Shock Proof Sphygmomanometer which is supplied with a rubberised shock proof ring that surrounds the gauge and helps to protect it if the unit is accidently dropped on a hard surface. It seems to be an obvious solution and sometimes the simplest innovations prove to be the best.

The Benefits of a Babinski Telescoping Reflex Hammer

The Babinski reflex hammer was further improved with the introduction of a telescoping handle to enable the hammer to be stored much more easily, a standard hammer will telescope down to just 17cm from an extended size of 39cm. As a further improvement the head piece on a modern Babinski hammer will not need to be unscrewed for stargaze anymore as they are now pivoted to allow the head piece to be closed against the handle when not in use.

How Does a Luminous Nurses Fob Watch Work?

You will also have noticed that a luminous watch will take time to charge up before it can give out light, and of course the luminescence will always be stronger at the beginning of a night shift as opposed to the end when the energy will have all been released as light. The best way to ensure your luminous watch has a good charge is to remember to leave it exposed in a well-lit environment when you are not using it so it can take on a high level of energy. Don’t take it to your bedroom if you are on nights as it will get no charge there, I leave mine in the conservatory or on a window sill for the day.

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