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Fob Watches

A collection of fob watches to suit every taste including traditional nurse’s fob watches in chrome and gold finishes as well as a large selection of fashionable silicone fob watches in a great range of colours and designs.

A reliable nurses fob watch is an essential tool for any nurse or healthcare assistant in the modern medical care services being essential not only for enabling a nurse to take relevant obs, including accurate pulse and respiration rate, but also enabling the nurse to keep a an eye on the time during a shift where prescribed obs or patient care is required at se times. The nurses fob watch is also a must have medical instrument when IV medications must be given over an exact and safe time period when for example IV antibiotics must be given by bolus.

The traditional nurse’s fob watch was developed as to enable a nurse to carry out duties that include personal contact with the patient and where a wrist watch could be a hazard and catch on a patients skin. One other stated reason for the development of the nurse’s fob watch was simply that a standard wrist watch might be damaged by impact on beds etc. or by water of other liquid during a shift. The simple solution was to develop a watch that could be simply pinned to the nurses uniform at chest level where it was out of the way but still readily accessible, hence the distinctive upside down face  which is readable when angled upwards towards the nurse. Traditionally the nurse’s fob watch would have metal case and chin most often finished in chrome and these were often given as gifts to a nurse completing their training by proud parents.

Another driver is the development of the standard nurse fob watch was an increasing understanding of the spread of contaminants from patient to another as a nurse or carer moves form patient to patient. Nowadays all healthcare facilities operate a nothing below the elbows policy in clinical environments but of course it was so in the past when HAC’s were not so prevalent and their spread nut fully recognised or understood.

Some claims are made for the more modern silicone fob watches in respect of the spread of MRSA etc. in as much as the modern silicone fob can be taken apart, the movement and pin can be detached from the holing silicone fob section and all parts fully cleaned and disinfected. One thing can be said for these silicone watches is that they allow a much greater choice of colours and styles to be made available on the market. The range includes standard silicone fobs in many colour choices as well as Heart shaped fob watches, fobs with a luminous dial and patterned fobs with design such a Zebra, Leopard and Union Jack prints on the fob section to name but a few. In short there is a colour of design of fob watch to suit most nurses tastes and the humble nurses fob watch has to some extent become a way of expressing a individual nurses personality as well as sometimes bringing a much needed smile to faces of colleagues and patients alike.

One further benefit of the detached silicone fob watch is that if a confused patient catches hold of the fob than the nurses cannot be pulled down towards the patient as the fob watch will detach from the pin secured in the material of the uniform and so the nurse can regain control of the situation and just as importantly not be harmed.

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