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ID Equipment

A comprehensive range of ID reels, holders, badges and lanyards designed to hold ID badges and passes for controlled access areas etc.

As a professional health care worker it is necessary to carry your ID at all times so that you be easily identified as qualified member of the nursing/medical staff by colleagues and patients alike, so a safe and easy method of keeping the ID to hand is required. This situation is further complicated as access restrictions are further rolled out in medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics and where electric door passes are required to gain access.

The easiest solution to this can be found in simple plastic ID holders that can be found in either single or double sided options so that a nurse’s ID and a door pass can be held in a double ID badge holder. ID holders can be attached to a lanyard worn around the neck,  a practice generally seen in office environments where patient contact is not a concern. ID lanyards are not practical where a nurse might need to lean into a patient when performing his/her duties as the pass could brush the patient and might provide a pathway for cross contamination. Another issue is where care is being given to a confused or aggressive patient who might pull on the lanyard and pull the nurse forward, though most lanyards will have a quick release fastening clip the releases immediately when excessive force is applied.

On the ward or in in clinic most nurses and healthcare professionals favour retractable ID reels that enable the ID to be kept safely to hand at all times normally attached to the tunic pocket or belt/belt loop via strong metal back clip. The ID reel has a strong nylon cord with and automatic retract function that operates once force ceases to be applied and draws the ID badge holder back to the user. The great benefit of course is the ID passes and door passes can be kept to hand at all times and very quickly pulled out to activate a door for instance.

ID holders are available in arrange of colours to suit most tastes or uniform colour requirements and the retractable reels are available in a standard design in a range of colour to match the ID holder. Retractable ID reels are also becoming available in a range of other designs and one of the most popular options is an ID reel in the form of a an animal such as a cat or owl. These are often favoured by nurses and other medical staff who work closely with younger patients where they can help to calm stressful environments for children by looking friendly and fun as opposed to being only functional.

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