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Nurses Scissors

A comprehensive range of top quality nurses scissors all manufactured the relevant European standards for use in healthcare environments. As well as nurses scissors the range also includes other medical instruments such as artery forceps and key/scissor chains designed to keep you scissors to hand at all times.

Our range of medical nurses scissors includes three different types of dressing nurses scissors each with differing blades ends. Blunt/ Blunt blades ensure patient safety when cutting bandages but will also allow the scissors to be kept in the nurses tunic pocket as they will not jab the users body when bending during patient care. Blunt/Sharp dressing scissors have as the name suggest on blunt ended blade and one sharp which is useful when precise cutting of shaping of a dressing is required, the range also includes Sharp/Sharp dressing nurses scissors, also called stitch scissors, where both terminate in a defined point.

All the dressing nurses scissors are manufactured using quality stainless steel and are fully autoclave safe for cleaning and sterilising requirements.  Range of differing sizes is also available ranging from 11.5cm in length up to 18cm.

Specialist Lister bandage scissors with their distinctive angled blades are designed to allow the nurse of carer to safely cut away bandages and dressings without the need for both blades to move, the lower blunted blade (again to avoid patient injury) slides under the dressing and the angle allows to upper blade to be operated and hence cut the bandage whilst to lower blade remain static against the patients skin. The Lister Bandage nurses scissors are available manufactured to relevant European standards from quality stainless steel components.

Nurses Store stocks a large range of medical A&E shears also known as paramedic shears of tough cut scissors and these are designed as the name suggest to handle to toughest of cutting jobs a nurse, doctor or paramedic might encounter. The basis range come in two size option of 15.5cm and 19cm, the smaller size been ideal for the tunic pocket and in eight colour options, always useful if you want to indent your own scissors. As with Lister nurses scissors the bottom blade is blunted for patient safety when cutting bandages or clothes away and the blade are angled to ease of use. The tough cut scissors offered by Nurses Store also benefit from having milled serrations on the blade as opposed to pressed serration which some cheaper nurses scissors have, this makes the scissors much more effective in cutting tough materials and ensure a longer working life for the instruments. As with all medical instruments quality of manufacture is paramount and these tough cut scissors are manufactured to European standards and carry the CE mark of accreditation.

The tough cut scissors range also includes the latest American innovation in the form of Fluoride nurses scissors where the blades are coated with a non-stick Fluoride film, just like a frying pan, which makes the removal of sticking plasters etc. a much simpler task.

A range of other medical instruments includes Spenser Wells artery forceps that always come in handing around the ward for clipping oxygen tuning etc. as well as straight and curved Mosquito forceps.

Alongside the nurses scissors and medical instrument is a small range of retractable key/scissors reels which have a clip to fasten the reel to the nurses tunic pocket of belt and a strong retractable nylon cord that terminated in a key ring, a great way to ensure your nurses scissors are kept to hand at all times. The range also includes standard and heavy dot key chains.

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