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Pen Torches

A wide selection of pen torches for every taste in a variety of colours. The pen torch range includes disposable pen torches, reusable types and pen torches from the Energizer brand.

A medical pen torch, also sometimes referred to as a pen light, is an ever useful tool for the nurse or doctor in the general duties around the ward or clinic and a variety of pen torches can be sourced to suit an individual’s requirements.

A basic disposable pen torch is a sealed unit which is intended to be thrown away after the batteries have been drained, though these pen torches will do have a long and useful life as in most cases it is not possible to leave the light on and the hence batteries being drawn down in the tunic or breast pocket after use. This is because the pen light is operated by depressing the pen clip against the body of the pen torch and hence completing the circuit and lighting the bulb, once pressure is removed then the pen clip springs back and the pen light is off.

There is a range of disposable pen torches in several popular colours and several which are referred to as pupil gauge pen lights where a pupil gauge printed on the side of the pen light gives a visual indication of the pupil size from 2mm up to a fully dilated 9mm, a useful visual again for a nurse or doctor observing a patients pupils and noting pupil size as part on ongoing obs.

Other pen torches are supplied with replaceable batteries for longer service and these too operated using the pen clip method. Where a continuous light is needed then pen torches are available with a pen like depressible button on the top of the barrel, press once for on and a second time for off with no need to keep pressure applied to the pen clip. This type of pen torch is a great help on night shifts helping nurses to navigate around the ward and beds without putting on all the lights and disturbing patients rest.

Having a pen torch to hand is often essential to nurses, doctors and accident and emergency staff who need to test a patients size and reaction of pupils when assessing a patients state of consciousness. Basically the practitioner is checking a patients pupillary response where the introduction of light increase the size of the pupil (dilation or mydriasis) as opposed to an undilated pupil (constriction or miosis), where little or no reaction will be a cause of concern.

The pen light is an essential medial instrument for nurses and doctors in many fields, and pupil reaction is a key part of the Glasgow Comas score where pupil reaction time is combined with verbal and motor measures to record the conscious state of a patient and when using the Glasgow Coma scale then a pen torch is an essential tool for the medical professional.

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